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My websockets library is designed to make it easy to write WebSocket servers and clients in Python. It focuses on providing a straightforward API.

django-c10k-demo is a proof of concept for integrating websockets with Django. But I'm not sure it's a good idea. See my talks for details.


Django Python

Django is a high-level Python Web framework. I've been using it since 2008 and contributing since January 2010. I became a core developer in September 2011. I've been actively maintaining it since then. I also led the effort to redefine the project's organization after the BDFLs stepped down in 2014.

I maintained the Django Debug Toolbar from October 2013 to May 2014 and brought it to version 1.0.

I explained my work at Django conferences. Videos and slides are available on my talks page.

Generic Django applications

These applications provide small pieces of functionality I've needed in Django projects. They're small, stable and well tested. You can rely on them for the foreseeable future.


django-pymssql is a database backend for Microsoft SQL Server than works on Linux and supports Python 3.


django-sesame provides one-click login for your Django project, with specially crafted URLs containing an authentication token.

Personal Django applications

I wrote these applications for my personal needs. I made them reusable and published them in case someone finds them useful. But I don't plan to support use cases other than mine.


myks-gallery is a simple photo gallery with granular access control.


myks-contact is a simple contact form suitable for personal websites.


lcl parses PDF statements issued by my bank, categorizes expenses and creates fancy graphs. It might work for you if you're a customer of LCL.

Other Django applications

You don't want to use them, except maybe for educational purposes.


django-userlog is a fairly impractical attempt at knowing who does what on a Django site in real-time.


django-resto provides file storage backends that can store files coming into a Django site on several servers simultaneously, using HTTP. I deprecated it when the evolution of deployment practices made it irrelevant.


django-transaction-signals is merely a rant aganist transaction signals.


After Django moved from a self-hosted Subversion repository to GitHub, I wrote trac-github to connect Trac and GitHub. This plugin is stable and robust. It's successfully used by high-profile projects such as Django, jQuery and jQuery UI.


I'm pretty sure every programmer has written a Sudoku solver at some point. Here's mine. It's capable of generating grids and estimating their difficulty. It includes a web-based demo.